Blc. Young Kong 'Sun # 16' AM/AOS (Blc. Green Fantasy x Blc. Tassie Barbero), MC1320
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Item #: MC1320
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Enormous canary-yellow flowers with a ruffled magenta lip grace this fragrant hybrid! Producing impressive 6-7" inch flowers, this clone is capable of creating up to 4 flowers with very heavy substance per inflorescence with a delicious lemony fragrance on a compact plant. Its dramatic and broad ruffled bright yellow lip is accented with bold purple edging. One of our best show stoppers that gets better as it gets bigger! Frequent blue ribbon winner at orchid shows. A must have for any modern Cattleya collection. (Note, Blc. Young Kong 'Sun # 16' AM/AOS is synonymous with Rlc. Young Kong 'Sun # 16' AM/AOS due to reclassification of its ancestors). Highly recommended for lovers of fragrant orchids, Cattleya lovers, fans of large showy flowers, anyone who wants to make a big bold statement.


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