Blc. Triumphal Coronation 'Seto' AM/AOS (Lc. Drumbeat ' Heritage' AM/AOS x Blc. Pamela Hetherington ' Cornation' FCC/AOS), MC934
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Item #: MC934
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A triumph for the breeder, Mr. Ernest Hetherington, of Stewart Orchids ! This clone, ‘Seto’, was selected in Japan for blending the best of both parents. The pollen parent, Lc. Drumbeat, has given it a compact growth habit, and the pod parent, Blc. Pamela Hetherington ‘Coronation’, contributed to its huge flower size. As such, this is Norman’s favorite pink Cattleya in the collection. Amazing fragrance from diamond-dust textured long-lasting flowers. In Southern California, we’ve flowered it twice a year, spring and fall. Highly Recommended ! More Details