Bc. Taiwan Big Lip 'Ta-Hsin' (Bc. Tetradip x L. dayana) , MC2388
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We are beyond ecstatic to introduce this phenomenal miniature Cattleya alliance hybrid—Brassolaeliocattleya (abbreviated Blc.) Taiwan Big Lip ‘FANGtastic’. The clonal name “FANGtastic’ is reserved only for the best clone, so you know it has to be exceptional.

 The pod parent, Blc. Tetradip, is Lc. Bonanza x B. nodosa. The pollen parent, L. dayana 'Hartford' AM/AOS, is an awarded clone. L. dayana (now classified as C. bicalhoi), a charming miniature species native to Brazil, keeps the size of this hybrid small and compact. The ‘FANGtastic’ clone has the best of qualities of parents. The long-lasting flower is very striking and has the largest and flattest lip with vibrant pink striations. It has fragrance during the day that is even stronger at night from the B. nodosa species parent. It can flower at least twice a year in California (during spring and fall), and possibly 2 – 3 times in South Florida or where winter is warm. Can be grown in a pot, hanging basket, or mounted; outdoors where winters are frost free and above 50°F (keep on dry side). Excellent for growing on a windowsill or under lights. Perfect for growers with limited space. Grow in bright indirect light with good air circulation and moderate humidity. Water generously during active growth, but allow to dry out between waterings. Fertilize regularly. Mounted plants may need daily watering in the Florida summer when it is hot and dry. Easy to grow and bloom. Perfect plant for beginner and experienced growers alike. This amazing plant belongs in every collection. Award quality. Highly recommended.


Note: Blc. Taiwan Big Lip ‘FANGtastic’ is also known as Bc. Taiwan Big Lip ‘FANGtastic’ due to the reclassification of L. dayana to  Cattleya.

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