Blc. Sung Ya Green 'King Dragon' (Blc. Ports of paradise ' Emerald' FCC/AOS x Meadow Morn) MC2066
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Item #: MC2066
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Friends will be green with envy when they see this absolutely “scent-sa-tional” green cattleya in your collection! This magnificent clone has outstanding shape and form and delightfully fragrant lime green flowers are almost 8 inches in size, bearing huge ruffled lips and large ruffled petals. Capable of producing two impressively large flowers per inflorescence, their heavy substance creates a showy and long-lasting display. This is a great hybrid from its famous and proven parentage, Rlc. Ports of Paradise ‘Emerald’, which received a highly coveted FCC/AOS, and Blc. Memoria Helen Brown. This new hybrid is a welcome improvement over older crosses of green Cattleyas due its compact size, yet maintaining a large flower with amazing lemony fragrance. Brassavola digbyana (now classified as Rhyncholaelia digbyana) known for its strong fragrance is in the background of Blc. Ports of Paradise, which is passed on to this hybrid. Our customers in FL, TX and CA have reported that this hybrid can flower twice a year where winters are frost-free and temperatures are warmer. Note: Blc. Sung Ya Green 'King Dragon' is also known as Rlc. Sung Ya Green 'King Dragon' since Brassavola digbyana in its ancestry is now classified as Rhyncholaelia digbyana. This plant can be grown on a bright windowsill or under lights. Can be mounted on wood or on a tree outdoors in areas where winters are warm, or grown in a pot. Very Highly Recommended for the newest generation of cutting-edge green cattleyas!

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