Blc. Duh's Fantasty 'Mellow' FCC/AOS (Sally Taylor x Duh's Orange) MC2032
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Item #: MC2032
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One of the best red Cattleyas in the world, garnering a well-deserved FCC/AOS !  As is the case with all of Duh’s orchids, this clone is not the result of a mass mericlone but are select divisions we obtained directly from Mr. Duh, the breeder and owner.  When awarded it was exhibited showing iridescent texture on two fragrant and extremely firm 16.2cm flowers.  It was noted as extraordinary and exquisitely colored full, flat, large flowers on an inflorescence held well above the foliage.  Its dark salmon sepals and petals are heavily overlaid with cerise, crowned with a broad full ruffled dark fuchsia lip accented with bold yellow striations.  Free flowering as a Spring bloomer, it can often flower again in the fall.  Limited divisions available.  If you want the Best of the Best in red Cattleyas, ‘Mellow’ is Very Highly Recommended !

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