Bl. Amethyst 'Kuo Jua' AM/TOGA (L. purpurata x B. cucullata) MC2352
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We are extremely ecstatic to announce the first release in the USA and outside of Taiwan—Bl. Amethyst 'Kuo Jua' SM/TOGA. It was awarded the Silver Medal (SM) by the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA), which is equivalent to the Award of Merit (AM) from the American Orchid Society. This elegant Cattleya alliance hybrid has two fantastic species—Laelia purpurata (now classified as Cattleya purpurata) and Brassavola (abbreviated B.) cucullata, in its ancestry. B. cucullata in the background dominates the leaf structure, compact size, flower shape, fragrance, and vigorous growth. L. purpurata contributes the color of the flower, increases flower size, and adds weather tolerance for heat and cold. The long-lasting, diamond-dusted, flowers can reach up to 5-6 inches with a delightful fragrance. Bl. Amethyst 'Kuo Jua' SM/TOGA is excellent for mounting and growing outdoors in places like south Florida where winters are frost free. Can be grown on a bright windowsill or under lights. Easy to grow and flower, it makes a spectacular addition to any orchid collection. Highly recommended for beginners, lovers of fragrant orchids, and Cattleya lovers.

Note: Bl. Amethyst 'Kuo Jua' SM/TOGA is also known as Bc. Amethyst 'Kuo Jua' SM/TOGA because L. purpurata is now classified as C. purpurata.

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