Bc. Maikai (C. nodosa ' Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x C. bowingiana var coerulea) , NF1293
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Brassocattleya (abbreviated Bc.) Maikai is a classic! This wonderfully, vigorous grower is a primary hybrid between to species— Brassavola nodosa and Cattleya bowringiana (now Guarianthe bowringiana) that quickly turns into a specimen plant as it produces multiple new growths. Brassavola nodosa keeps the plant compact and also gives the flowers its characteristic lip. C. bowringiana produces clusters of flowers per inflorescence, which is a trait that is passed on to its progeny. This population is a new color strain for this classic hybrid. The B. nodosa parent is the award winning ‘Susan Fuchs’ FCC/AOS clone, so we expect excellent flower quality. C. bowringiana f. coerulea is the rare (coerulea) blue color form giving this classic hybrid a new twist and creating a new strain. These compact plants will produce 8 – 10 flowers per inflorescence. They are easy to grow and are reliable bloomers. Can be grown in a pot, but best presented in a hanging basket. Mature plants will overhang the basket and obscure it, creating a breath-taking sight when in full bloom. We expect awards from this amazing cross and unique color strain. Highly recommended. A welcome addition to any orchid collection.

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