Angcst. Red Jewel 'Jumbo' (Lyc.Geyser Gold x Angcst. Red Jade)
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We received this exceptional clone from Jumbo Orchids of Taiwan. This unique and stunning hybrid adds a touch of Anguloa to its Lycaste (called Angulolycaste, abbreviated Angcst.) breeding background, creating easy to grow, impressively large, 4-inch fragrant, waxy, long-lasting, showy, rich, red flowers accented with glowing yellow lips. Unlike many Lycaste plants, these plants are evergreen and do not shed all their leaves for the winter. These amazing plants produce many flower spikes from the base and can flower twice a year. The flowers typically last for 5-8 weeks. They are best grown in cool to warm temperatures, bright indirect light, high humidity, and good air circulation. These warmth tolerant plants grow well with CattleyaOncidium, and Dendrobium; and will also grow well outdoors under (cool to warm) frost free conditions.

 Nighttime temperature of 60° F and daytime temperature of 75° to 80° F are desirable. Temperature should be fairly consistent and never hot. Water freely and fertilize regularly during active growth (usually summer). The potting medium should begin to dry out between watering. In autumn, or as growths mature and pseudobulbs are produced, fertilizer is reduced; keep slightly drier than normal after pseudobulbs form. Water should be kept off the leaves, and especially out of the new growths and buds to prevent rot or leaf spotting.


Repotting (if necessary) is best performed when new growth starts, usually in spring after flowering. A fast-draining fine-grade potting medium is often used; fir bark and perlite (3:1) is a common mix. The plant should be positioned so that the newest growths are farthest away from the edge of the pot, allowing the maximum number of new growths without crowding the pot. Keep humidity high and the potting medium on the dry side until new roots form. This hybrid is much easier to grow than most of the Lycaste species. Very highly recommended. A “must-have” for Lycaste collectors!

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