Phal. Tetraglyph (tetraspis var alba x hieroglyphica fma flava) , NF2670
  • Phal. Tetraglyph  (tetraspis var alba x hieroglyphica fma flava)
  • Phal.  Tetraglyph  (tetraspis var alba x hieroglyphica fma flava)
  • Phal.  Tetraglyph  (tetraspis var alba x hieroglyphica fma flava)

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This is an intriguing remake of Phal. Tetraglyph using the alba (white) color form of Phal. tetraspis and the flava (yellow) color form of Phal. hieroglyphica. We expect most of the plants to have fragrant flowers with a green base, large for the type due to the influence of Phal. hieroglyphica f. flava, and multiple-spike habit from the Phal. tetraspis f. alba influence; some spots or bars might result from this cross. Seedlings are showing tremendous species vigor. Plants have heat tolerance. Can be mounted or grown in a pot on a windowsill or under lights. Flower spikes remain green and can rebloom for several years. Do not cut the spike unless it is brown and dry. Very fun and exciting to grow and flower—no two will be alike. Buy two and compare!

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PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only. No two plants will be the same from this cross, and they will flower in a range of possibilities coming from the two parents.
Color Green,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Summer,Fall
PropagationMethod Seedling
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House
LightRequirement Low 800+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm
Class Phalaenopsis
Genus Phal.
HybridName Tetraglyph
Cultivar Note : New , remake !
PodParent tetraspis var alba
PollenParent hieroglyphica fma flava


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