Phal. Purple Gem 'Peacock' (pulcherrima var champorensis ' Norwin ' AM/AOS x equestris 'B100 ' AM/AOS) , MC2482
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Phal. Purple Gem is a primary hybrid with Phal. pulcherrima and Phal. equestris. Here, we used our awarded clone ‘Norwin’ (named after a friend) of the champorensis variety of Phal. pulcherrima and the awarded clone 'B100' of Phal. equestrisPhal. pulcherrima var. champorensis has flaring on its petals, which is passed on to its progeny. The clone ‘Norwin’ at the time of award had 12 pure white, shapely, full-formed flowers and 15 buds displayed elegantly in spirals on one erect inflorescence; petals wide peloric, edged with yellow-green; lip contrasting, side lobes dark yellow; substance firm. Phal. equestris f. rosea 'B100' is one of the darkest clones of the rose color form of Phal. equestris, which produces and abundance of flowers on branching inflorescence.

 The remarkable clone ‘Peacock’ was selected for its robust growth, flared petals (inherited from Phal. pulcherrima var. champorensis), vibrant purple color, and its beautiful, compact silver-green leaves. The silver-green lightly variegated leaves are very ornamental and attractive even when the plant is not blooming. Flower spikes can keep flowering for up to 6 months or until winter. It can flower almost year round if grown under warm temperatures and a minimum 12 hours of LED light. Plants are weather tolerant, capable of tolerating temperature extremes, favoring warm. Phal. Purple Gem 'Peacock' is easy to grow and flower and is one our most popular Phals. A welcome addition to any collection—new and experienced growers alike. Highly recommended!

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Color Red,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Summer,Fall
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance No
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.,Low 800+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm
Class Phalaenopsis
Genus Phal.
HybridName Purple Gem
Cultivar Peacock, Note : Rare Peloric Form
PodParent pulcherrima var champorensis ' Norwin ' AM/AOS
PollenParent equestris 'B100 ' AM/AOS


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