Den. Tian Mu Diamond 'Nippon ' (Himezakura x Yukidaruma) , MC2514
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We are excited to offer the newest generation of nobile-type Dendrobiums that are compact. Den. Tian Mu Diamond 'Sakura' reaches 6-10 inches in height when mature with full sized very fragrant flowers.

 Den. Himezakura (Oberon x Cassiope), was registered in 1995 by Jiro Yamamoto. Jiro Yamamoto is the founder of the world renowned Yamamoto Dendrobiums. His research led to innovative breeding and improvement of nobile-type of Dendrobiums. Den. Himezakura 'Compactum' is a dwarf clone influenced by the miniature species Den. moniliforme from Den. Cassiope (Den. moniliforme x Den. nobile), and is the stepping stone for breeding mini nobile-type dendrobiums.

 ‘Sakura’ (Japanese word for cherry blossom) is the best clone with its cheery blossom color, super compact growth habit, and amazing fragrance. These plants are weather tolerant, capable of withstanding hot summer temperatures and cool winter temperatures. Can be grown outdoors year round in areas where winters are frost free. Blooms on old canes and newly matured canes. Give a drier and cooler winter rest for best flowering. It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and fall off during the winter rest. Can be grown on a bright window sill, under lights, or in an orchid cabinet. This is a wonderful beginner plant for your first nobile type Dendrobium. Highly recommended.

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Class Denbrobium
Genus Den.
HybridName Tian Mu Diamond
Cultivar Sakura ; Note: Mini Nobile Type
PodParent Himezakura
PollenParent Yukidaruma
Color Pink,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Winter
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate,Cool

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