Cyc. Taiwan Gold 'Orange' (Cyc. chlorchilon x Morn. badia), MC1879
  • Cyc. Taiwan Gold 'Orange'  (Cyc. chlorchilon x Morm. badia)
  • Cyc. Taiwan Gold 'Orange'  (Cyc. chlorchilon x Morm. badia)
  • Cyc. Taiwan Gold 'Orange'  (Cyc. chlorchilon x Morm. badia)
  • Cyc. Taiwan Gold 'Orange'  (Cyc. chlorchilon x Morm. badia)

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Cycnodes (abbreviated Cycd.) Taiwan Gold 'Orange' is a fast-growing, robust, plant that thrives in heat and doesn’t skip a beat! The clone ‘Orange’ is a striking new color form of this famous hybrid Cyc. Taiwan Gold, which is a primary hybrid of Cycnoches chlorchilon and Mormodes badia. It produces multiple inflorescences on newly matured growths and bears 10 or more 3-inch flowers in a magnificent cascade. The beautiful peach-orange colored flowers have a large, prominent, red lip fragrant and an exotic ginger blossom fragrance. The plant is very showy and puts on an eye-catching display during its blooming season in December.

 Grow these plants in medium to bright light (no direct sunlight), high humidity, good air circulation, and warm to hot temperatures. The soft leaves are prone to spider mites, which thrive in dry and stagnant environments, so provide humidity high and good air circulation to deter these pests. These plants love water when actively growing. Fertilize and water regularly during this period. These plants need a distinct period of dormancy. Reduce water and stop fertilizer after flowers fade and let it approach dryness between watering. The leaves will start to die back and turn brown and spotty or yellow, and eventually fall off—this is normal. Once all of the leaves have fallen, keep the plant dry at the roots, watering lightly only if the pseudobulbs shrivel. Once new growths begin and you can see new roots forming you can resume normal watering. These plants typically begin flower spikes in mid to late November and flower sometime in December. Sphagnum moss is the preferred potting medium as it retains moisture. Can be grown outdoors in hot climates and kept dry during its dormant stage. These plants can be grown alongside novelty Phals as they have similar light and temperature requirements. A very rewarding and unique plant that belongs in any orchid collection, be sure to pay attention to its dormancy requirements. Highly recommended!

 #cycnodes #unusual #artshade #fastgrowing #robust #exotic #fragrant #eyecatching #showy #decemberblooms #lovesheat #dormancy

Class Botanical
Genus Cyc.
HybridName Taiwan Gold
Cultivar Orange;Note: Amazing Fragrance
PodParent Cyc. chlorchilon
PollenParent Morm. badia
Color Orange
BloomSeason Fall,Winter
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.,Medium 1000+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate


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