C. leopoldii (leopoldii ' SVO Prince ' 4N x leopoldii ' Kathleen ' AM/AOS) NF2634
  • C. leopoldii  (leopoldii ' SVO Prince ' 4N x leopoldii  ' Kathleen ' AM/AOS)
  • C. leopoldii  (leopoldii ' SVO Prince ' 4N x leopoldii  ' Kathleen ' AM/AOS)
  • C. leopoldii  (leopoldii ' SVO Prince ' 4N x leopoldii  ' Kathleen ' AM/AOS)

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The remarkable species Cattleya leopoldii (now known as Cattleya tigrina) is found in coastal forests up to 100 meters in southern Brazil as a large warm-growing epiphyte. It is a robust orchid that can grow two to three feet tall and produce many-flowered inflorescences. And that is exactly what makes it so wonderful! The individual flowers are not especially large, averaging about three inches across. What they lack in size they make up for in numbers, with mature plants capable of producing 30 or more flowers per inflorescence! The flowers have a strong spicy fragrance that is described as smelling like bubblegum.

 This population is a cross using phenomenal parents! The pod parent, C. leopoldii 'SVO Prince' 4N, originated from a selfing of the tetraploid (4N) meristem mutation of C. leopoldii ‘Dark Prince'. It has large and dark flowers. The pollen parent, C. leopoldii 'Kathleen' AM/AOS, has dark rose flowers heavily overlaid and spotted dark mahogany. There is great potential from this outstanding breeding using superior parents. This species is slow to reach flowering size, but it is worth the wait, as a mature plant can reportedly carry 52 flowers per spike! Fragrant flowers are large, dark waxy, and long lasting. These plants love the heat and bright light. Highly recommended for the Cattleya species collector. Award quality.


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Class Cattleya , species
Genus Cattleya
HybridName leopoldii
PodParent leopoldii ' SVO Prince ' 4N
PollenParent leopoldii ' Kathleen ' AM/AOS
Color Purple,Red,Other
BloomSeason Summer,Fall
PropagationMethod Seedling
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.
Species True
CompactGrower False
Temperature Warm


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