Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS , MC2677
  • Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS
  • Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS
  • Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS
  • Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS
  • Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS

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We still call this spectacular orchid by its old name Aliceara (abbreviated Alcra.), which is an intergeneric hybrid made with the orchid generas: Brassia × Miltonia × Oncidium. This hybrid was created and registered by our friend James Fang in 2003. It is a cross between Miltassia (abbreviated Mtssa.) Olmec and Oncidium (abbreviated Onc.) Mantinii. Because the pollen parent Onc. Mantinii is now classified as Gomesa (abbreviated Gom.) since the species parents Onc. forbesii and Onc. marshalliana are now classified as Gomesa, this hybrid is now known as Gombrassiltonia Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS.

Now you see why we stick with the old name Aliceara.

 Alcra. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' HCC/AOS is a show stopper sporting 4-inch wide stunning apricot-gold flowers overlaid with deep chocolate bars on the petals and sepals, and an intense red-orange blush on the lip. These amazing, easy to grow, plants flower reliably twice a year, and have a very good compact growth habit. Mature plants can produce 2 upright 12-inch inflorescences per pseudobulb, each with 8 - 10 flowers. Blooming season is late spring and early fall. NOTE: Flower markings and color varies somewhat on this variety depending on cultural conditions. In general, the colors are more vivid in cooler conditions. Flowers are scented on warm days.

 Grow these plants in bright, indirect light (no sun), on a windowsill or under lights under intermediate temperatures. Plants may be grown mounted, in hanging basket, or potted in a bark mix or sphagnum. Water just as the media approaches dryness. Fertilize weekly weakly (i.e., once a week using a weak fertilizer solution) during the warmer months; eliminate fertilizer during winter months. Flushing the media with clean fresh water once a month helps to reduce fertilizer build up. These plants are excellent for beginners because they are easy to grow, tolerate a variety of growing conditions, reliable bloomers, and put on a great show. Highly recommended.


#oncidium #intergeneric #hybrid #showstopper #stunning #amazing #largeflowers #reliablebloomer #bloomtwiceyear #compact #uprightspike #fragrant #easy #beginner #pot #mount #hangingbasket #windowsill #underlights  

Color Yellow,Orange,Other,Lavender
BloomSeason Spring,Fall
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.,Medium 1000+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate
Flower Size 4"
Class Oncidium , Botanical
Genus Alcra
HybridName Hilo Ablaze
Cultivar Hilo Gold HCC/AOS , Note: Limited
PodParent Miltassia Olmec
PollenParent Oncidium Mantinii

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